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Robert Strawder, Jr was born in Los Angeles California and moved to Las Vegas Nevada as a child with his three younger sisters and brother . He was raised by is Mother in the Donna Street Projects, known as one of the toughest, poorest housing developments in Las Vegas. While Robert was growing up, he was a successful athlete and scholar. In high school, his grade point average was well about 3.0 and he was considered a “star” athlete in the sport of Basketball. Unfortunately, during his high school years, Roberts mother became a victim of the crack epidemic and could not provide for the family.  At the age of 16 Robert took it upon himself to sell drugs to feed his family.  He graduated high school and obtained a scholarship to play basketball at Porterville College. He later dropped out to further his black-market businesses. So successful through the years, the culture of “streets” of Las Vegas re-named Robert Strawder Jr to “The Vegas Don.”

His success was measured by his close relationships with celebrities and rap superstars and worldly possessions. Lavish mansions and cars followed the success of Strawder. The “Don” then started his own record label and began his entertainment career, appearing in National and International music magazines as a Hip Hop artist and Model.

After several jail stints and interactions with the police, Strawder went underground and avoided the police for 18 years. After a family member convinced him to turn himself in, the “Don” surrendered to police. Then, a broad “stroke” of luck occurred. Robert lost all his possessions but gained his freedom by winning the court case that could have sent him to jail for years. 

Robert has turned his life around and has many accomplishments since turning his life around. He now has two degrees from college, created a full length motion-picture,  became a political candidate for U.S. Congress in the state of Nevada, produced various musical projects, works with area gangs through the local Police and School departments, remains a member of Digital Underground and most recently created the groundbreaking media  platform HIP HOP MEETS POLITICS.