ABOUT Hip Hop Meets Politics is a unique, one of a kind Podcast that communicates politics, political agendas and current affairs to the Millennial community. Our goal is to educate young adults into becoming productive American citizens. Knowledge is power and we believe if we arm today’s next leaders with truthful, digestible information, we can grow procure the future of our countries, our families and our economy.  We will achieve also by interviewing political leaders, business professionals and Hip-Hop artists.

BODY OF PODCAST Hip Hop Meets Politics has benchmarks that will help inform and keep the content fresh weekly. They are:

  1. Politics 101 Lessons in “how government works” along with current events and stories in politics and how it affects the millennial generation.
  2. Hip Hop 101. Advice and lessons of Hip Hop culture. For example, we have covered the topic of “360 deals” and how to protect yourself as an artist from sometimes shady record label deals.
  3. Interviews We will interview National Hip Hop artists along with politicians, celebrities, entrepreneurs, etc.
  4. “Straw Songs” HHMP Show host Robert Strawder will play one song from his library of music in between benchmarks
  5. Straw Stories Robert Strawder will tell a story from his past as an underground King Pin in Las Vegas. The goal is to help the audience learn from his mistakes.
  6. Theme Song The theme song “Hip Hop Meets Politics” will be played at the end of each show.

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Hip-Hop Meets Politics

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